Our Work

The response to this action has been incredible. I am concerned, however, as this story gets old we will move on to other stories at the top of the voracious news cycle. As this has happened over the months, donations have waxed and waned. But more and more people are fleeing Central America and more and more people are being returned by our government to Tijuana to wait to begin their asylum process. Tijuana shelters are stretched beyond capacity and supplies. People wait there for many months for their “number” to be called for ICE interviews in the US.

The people from Central America and Mexico coming to our border are direct descendants of US imperialism in Central America.  These are the children of our state-sponsored violence.  They are knocking on our door, asking for refuge and we are turning our backs on them.  It is our responsibility to support them while they wait for our government to find its soul.

Please don’t forget our neighbors. Please act. Thank you for your heart and for your action. This really does take us all.

Friendships NO Fronteras