Ways to Help

Here are some ways you can help with supplies and food.

I have created and update an amazon wishlist you can buy from and have sent directly to me and I will hand deliver the items to the caravan: Go to Target.

People also donate cash through my Venmo and Paypal accounts. I use money donations to purchase food at local Tijuana markets where the money goes much farther. I personally deliver both the aid and food to as many of the 8,000 refugees waiting at our door.

Paypal: paypal.me/jillzwiers

or Venmo: @JillZwiers

I do not yet have 501c3 status for this action. I have been too busy doing the delivering to sit at my desk. I am actively seeking assistance with this. If you or someone you know is familiar with the process of obtaining a 501c3 status and are willing to help make this happen, please contact Jill Zwiers.

Thank you VERY much for jumping in to help!  It takes all of us!   ❤️✊